When we visit your premises

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When we visit your premises

You probably realise that there are times when it becomes necessary for us to send a representative out to visit your premises. There can be many different reasons for this and the most common might to be for a Meter Reader to inspect your meter. You may not be aware of when that type of routine visit will take place however, there are times that we might need to plan an appointment with you, for example to update the meter or associated equipment at your site. If we are required to plan an appointment, we will always try to agree a suitable date with you wherever possible.


Identify our contractors

We use reputable contractors who will normally arrive using recognisable branded vehicles and wearing corporate clothing. They will always carry a valid identity card so please do ask to see it if it has not already been offered to you. Take your time to check it carefully. Check that the photograph matches the person who is offering it to you and its expiry date to be sure that it is still valid. If you are unsure then please do not allow access and call us on 01452 886250. We will be happy to help you.

Password scheme

You can choose a password that we will retain and issue to our contractors when they need to visit your site. If you wish to set a password please call us on 01452 886250.