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Marble Power began with the customer at the heart of everything. That is the reason why our core values start with you, and are centred around the best possible customer service, for the best price. We dedicated our time to creating dedicated teams that have the know-how and drive to give you the best possible outcome. When it comes to business energy, Marble Power know exactly how to provide you with the correct product for the correct price.


Why was Marble Power formed?

Marble Power is a member of the GFG Alliance, a privately owned international grouping of businesses, founded by the British Gupta Family. The Alliance’s integrated business model encompasses mining, energy generation, metals and engineering, underpinned by industry-friendly financial services, a substantial property portfolio, and was originally set up to supply the Group’s industrial assets in the UK. Marble Power was formed in 2013 to provide flexibility to the Group and solve some of the frustrations experienced by customers across the industry, including high security deposits, limited flexibility, as well as limited customer service and support to our industrial sites.

Our Journey

Since 2013 Marble Power has established a sustainable and fast growing energy supply business that trades all power and gas for GFG Alliance’s industrial assets in the
UK at the best possible price. Marble Power successfully
manages over 1.5 TWh of supply, whilst upholding and
delivering on its core values in terms of level of support and service that provides transparency and flexibility to all customers. Marble Power is now expending its services, working closely with its existing customers and prospects looking at innovation to improve energy consumption, overall efficiency and carbon footprint.

Why switch to Marble Power energy?

Marble Power has engaged with numerous users across all segments of the market, many of whom have expressed frustrations with their supply companies, whether it is service or price related.

In a rapidly evolving market where non-energy charges are increasing faster than the cost of energy itself, customers need to remain agile and engaged with the energy industry. Marble Power has a proven track record of onboarding and managing clients large and small.

We are continuously engaged in a dialogue with customers and the industry to explore innovative ways to manage energy consumption and costs, including aggregation, flexible demand management and where suitable onsite generation and storage.

Honest, reliable and flexible energy supplier

We all know how frustrating it can be if you are waiting around for a call back or email response that never arrives. That is why at Marble Power, if you find we fail to come back to you, we will contract to credit your account with an agreed amount of money*.


Switch with us today

You can easily switch to Marble Power. We will take care of you and your business. If you would like to make the easy switch today, give us a call and we will handle your switch for you from start to finish.

Our price promise to you

At Marble power we pride ourselves on our lower fixed energy prices. Discover our low rates today by giving us a call on 08000 588 050.

Dedicated Account Administrator

At Marble Power we have no wait times and a direct dial to your dedicated Customer Service Administrator. We keep your account completely managed by us so you know you are getting the best quality service possible.

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